About the Environmental Biotechnology Lab (EBL)

The Environmental Biotechnology Lab at San Diego State University develops cutting-edge biotechnology to improve environmental health and sustainability. One research focus of the lab is on the development of bioelectrochemical systems (BESs) for energy and nutrient recovery from wastewater treatment. Another research focus is on the development of BES-based biosensors that are capable of detecting subsurface parameters of concern. The Environmental Biotechnology Lab is also working to improve anaerobic digestion and biogas upgrading processes, and to reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

The Environmental Biotechnology Lab is led by Dr. Christy M. Dykstra, an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at San Diego State University.


From Bacteria to Archaea: Resource Recovery from Wastewater – Environmental Engineering professor Christy Dykstra earns an NSF CAREER award to continue her research on bioelectrochemical systems for energy recovery from wastewater.