Need Money for School?

There are many organizations that want to give money to good students. Put your brain to work for you by applying today!

Below are some scholarships, fellowships and awards for which environmental engineering students may be good candidates. Each opportunity has its own eligibility requirements, so read through them and determine if you are eligible before you apply (UG=undergraduate; MS=Master's student; PhD=doctoral student). Note that the due dates are approximate and it is your responsibility to confirm what the actual due date is. Please let me know if you have any corrections and/or if you know of any other opportunities I can add to my list.

Good luck and happy applying!

OpportunityUGMSPhDAwardApplication Deadline
A Little Hope Foundation Global ScholarshipXXX$2,500June 30, October 30
AACE International Competitive ScholarshipXXX$2,500March 5
ASHRAE ScholarshipXXX$1,000February 8
AWWA CA/NV One AWWA OperatorXXX$1,000January 18
Bill H. James Foundation for Aspiring African American EngineersXXXTBDApril 30
Brown & Caldwell EckenfelderXXX$5,000April 15
Brown & Caldwell GLBTQXXX$5,000April 15
Brown & Caldwell MinorityXXX$5,000April 15
Brown & Caldwell NavajoXXX$5,000April 15
Brown & Caldwell WomenXXX$5,000April 15
Carol Forrest, PE Memorial Watershed MgmtXXXTBDFebruary 8
Charles W. Hirst MES/MSP EndowedXXX$1,000March 8
Cheng-Mo Sun MemorialXXXTBDFebruary 8
Chinese American Construction ProfessionalsXXX$1,000 to $3,000May 31
College of Engineering ScholarshipXXXTBDOctober 11
David G. FleetXXXTBDOctober 11
Engineering Faculty MemorialXXXTBDFebruary 8
Lane Family Technology OutreachXXXTBDMarch 1
Prebys Biomedical Research EndowedXXX$5,000February 8
Samsung@First ScholarsXXX$15,000March 20
SD Chapter of Women In DefenseXXX$2,000February 8
Semper Fi "Honor" ScholarshipXXX$2,500June 30, October 30
SHPE John Deere Scholarship, Hispanic/LatinxXXX$2,000May 1
Step Up ScholarshipXXX$2,500June 30, October 30
SWE Scholarships (multiple, one application)XXXTBDFebruary 15
William E. Leonhard, Jr. EndowmentXXXTBDTBD
ACWA ScholarshipX$3,500March 1
AWWA CA/NV Linda Contreras MemorialX$1,000January 18
AWWA CA/NV UndergraduateX$2,500January 18
AWWA Mueller Continuing EducationX$5,000January 18
AWWA Neptune Technology GroupX$5,000January 18
AWWA SUEZ/Vernon D. Lucy IIIX$5,000January 18
Clair A. Hill ScholarshipX$5,000March 1
Daphne Marschalk Fredrickson, SWEXTBDFebruary 8
Darrell P. Asquith Memorial EndowedX$1,000February 8
Donald Grey WilsonX$8,000October 11
Earl and Christina MyersX$1,000February 8
Golden Door Scholarship, DACA recipientsXTBDSeptember 16
Joseph James Morelli, DyslexiaX$500 to $2,500March 14
MESA ProgramX$5,000March 8
Michael R. Niggli EndowedX$1,000February 8
Pack Foundation Project Lead the WayX$1,000February 8
SHPE Undergraduate ScholarshipXTBDMay 1
Souder Miller & Associates Native AmericanX$1,500June 15
SWANA Grant H. Flint InternationalXTBDMay 1
Ted and Nancy Way ScholarshipX$5,000March 1
Western Digital Scholarship ProgramX$5,000April 30
APWA scholarship for high school seniorsX$500July 26, 2019
AWWA AECOMXX$5,000January 18
AWWA American WaterXX$5,000January 18
AWWA ArcadisXX$5,000January 18
AWWA CA/NV GraduateXX$5,000January 18
AWWA Dave Caldwell, Female/Minority XX$5,000January 18
AWWA Larson Aquatic Research Support XX$5,000 (MS) $7,000 (PhD)January 18
AWWA Thomas R. Camp XX$5,000January 18
Fulbright FellowshipXXTravel/TuitionOctober 8
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship ProgramXX$138,000October 22
Robert P. Stearns/SCS Engineers XX$5,000May 1
SHPE Graduate ScholarshipXXTBDMay 1
SHPE Professional ScholarshipXXTBDMay 1
Stephen K. Hall ACWA Water Law & PolicyXX$10,000March 1
W. Wesley Eckenfelder Graduate ResearchXX$1,500TBD
WEF Canham Graduate FellowshipXX$25,000March 1
AEESP Master's Thesis AwardX$1,000TBD
AWWA Bryant L. BenchX$10,000January 18
AWWA Hazen & SawyerX$5,000January 18
AWWA HDR/Henry "Bud" BenjesX$5,000January 18
AWWA Holly A. Cornell, Female/MinorityX$7,500January 18
AWWA StantecX$5,000January 18
AWWA Woodard & Curran, Female/MinorityX$5,000January 18
William Brewster Snow AwardX$250TBD
Abel Wolman FellowshipX$20,000January 18
CH2M/AEESP Outstanding Doctoral DissertationX$1,500TBD
Paul V. Roberts/AEESP Outstanding DissertationX$1,500TBD
SHPE Dissertation ScholarshipXTBDMay 1