Tyler Myers

Ph.D. student, Bioengineering

Contact: tylerdmyers@gmail.com

Haocheng Chen

M.S. Student, Environmental Engineering

Contact: haochengchc@gmail.com

Cheyenne Graves

M.S. Student, Water Resources Engineering

Contact: graves.cheyenne.a@gmail.com

Mark Anthony Relon

B.S. Graduate, Environmental Engineering

Contact: relon.mark@gmail.com

Gio Hester

Undergraduate student, Environmental Engineering

Contact: jghester@sdsu.edu

Tommie Post-Brunner

Undergraduate student, Environmental Engineering

Contact: tommie.post99@yahoo.com

Christopher Oyuela

Undergraduate student, Mechanical Engineering

Contact: coyuela@sdsu.edu

Isabella Bush

Undergraduate student, Biology

Contact: ibush1830@sdsu.edu


If you are a student interested in working with Dr. Dykstra, please contact her to set up a meeting.

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